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Unemployment Benefits

While federal unemployment benefits have expired, our office can still assist if you did not receive back payments you were due before September 6, 2021. Please call us at 718-662-5970 or file a case here.

We will need the following information as they appeared in your application: full name, telephone number, and email address. Additionally, we will need a brief description of your problem and need to know if/ how long you've been certifying weekly.

We will be forwarding your contact information and an overview of your problem to the state government. Please note that the state government will not follow-up with us on your individual case, but will instead address the issue directly. Depending on the situation, they may call or message you via the Department of Labor portal.

If you have previously reached out to our office, please wait two weeks before reaching out again. If you do not see any changes to your application and/or don’t receive your payments at the end of that time, please let us know so that we can inform the state government again. If the problem persists, we also recommend reaching out to your State Senator or State Assemblymember so their office may also place an inquiry on your behalf. You may find your State representatives' contact information via this portal.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is also fighting to extend federal pandemic unemployment benefits through February 2022. She introduced legislation that would make payments retroactive to September 6 if passed.  She also joined Rep. Bush in sending a letter to House and Senate leadership requesting systemic changes be made to unemployment insurance - including setting a floor for the duration of unemployment insurance that states must follow, including more part-time workers, banning exclusions based on past wages, and more.