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In order to ensure we are able to quickly help our constituents, we only accept emails from those who live or work in New York’s 14th  Congressional District. Please enter your zipcode below to see if you are a constituent of NY-14. 

If you are a constituent, you can use this form to share your opinion on a policy issue or a piece of legislation – or to ask for help with Social Security, the VA, NYCHA, certain immigration matters or any other federal service.  If you’re unsure if our office can assist you, please visit our Casework Request page to see the list of federal issues with which our constituent liaisons can assist

If you do not live in NY-14, but still wish to contact our office, you can call our D.C. office at (202) 225-3965.

If you want to invite the Congresswoman to an event or request a meeting, please visit our Scheduling Request Page.